Obtaining Your I-20 and Visa

Obtaining Your Immigration Document To Study In The United States

The I-20/DS-2019 is a United States Department of Homeland Security document issued by SEVP-certified schools that provides supporting information on a student's immigration status. Admitted students attending a university in the United States need this form to pay the required I-901 SEVIS fee, apply for a visa, and enter the United States. 

International applicants who have received an official letter of acceptance are ready to begin the I-20/DS-2019­­­­­­­­­­ process. 

I-20/DS-2019 Request Process

All admitted students will receive an email from within 10 days of admission. Look for the subject line: "Your Next Step - Start the I-20/DS-2019 Process"

Only admitted students who have demonstrated 英语水平 and ­­­confirmed their intent to enroll by paying the $300 non-refundable tuition deposit can begin working on their I-20 / ds - 2019文档. To pay your tuition deposit, go to the 承认学生门户. 你将使用你的 Application Status credentials 登录.

The I-20 process email is sent to the email address you used to apply to 奇趣腾讯10分彩平台 and contains your link to the I-20 / ds - 2019申请表.

This form will ask you to provide information such as passport details, dependent information (如适用)、赞助信息 (如适用),及财务详情. You will also be able to upload any required supporting documentation.

Please provide a Bank Letter or Bank Statement showing sufficient funding for Cost of Attendance for one academic year. If you were offered a partial academic merit scholarship, please remember to deduct it from the total.

Cost of Attendance is a combination of direct university costs and indirect costs such as tuition, 费用, 房间 & board, books and expected personal expenses.

Undergraduate Cost Of Attendance (Based On Major)

  • Engineering and Science = $63,698
  • Business, Liberal Arts, Psychology, Aviation (non-flight) = $60,288
  • Aviation (with flight) = $82,288

Graduate Cost of Attendance (based on program)

  • 业务= 37美元.156
  • Engineering, Science, Liberal Arts, Psychology, Aviation = $42,766

Once we receive your completed form and supporting documents, 奇趣腾讯10分彩平台 will start processing your I-20 / ds - 2019文档.

请注意:  奇趣腾讯10分彩平台 is unable to issue you an I-20 / ds - 2019文档 if your passport is expired.

Getting Your I-20/DS-2019 Document Delivered To You:

奇趣腾讯10分彩平台 will send you your official I-20 electronically as a .PDF附件到电子邮件. You can download the copy and use it for your US Embassy appointment. This is the preferred method to send your I-20.

If you cannot receive an electronic copy of your I-20, 奇趣腾讯10分彩平台 will utilize eShipGlobal to securely deliver your I-20 / ds - 2019文档 to you. When your document is ready to ship, you will receive an email with a unique link from to the email address you used to apply to 奇趣腾讯10分彩平台. You will need to initiate the shipment by clicking the link, 选择你的承运人, 预付送货费.

Students who are transferring from another school in the United States may have the option to pick up their I-20 / ds - 2019文档 亲自在校园里. Transfer students must notify the proper office at your current school of your intent to transfer to 奇趣腾讯10分彩平台 as soon as possible. Be prepared to provide them with a copy of your 奇趣腾讯10分彩平台 admission letter.


Your completed I-20/DS-2019 student request form and all required documents must be received no later than 45 days prior to the beginning of the term of attendance.  This will help ensure you can receive your I-20 / ds - 2019文档 on time to schedule your F-1/J-1 visa appointment at the United States Embassy. You must have the I-20 / ds - 2019文档 from 奇趣腾讯10分彩平台 with you at your visa appointment.

请注意:  奇趣腾讯10分彩平台 policy states that students are required to attend the university for one full semester if they enter the United States on an I-20 issued by Florida Institute of Technology. We will not release a student to another school until he or she completes one full semester of attendance. There are no exceptions to this policy.


Upon receipt of your I-20, make an appointment with the U.S. embassy or consultate responsible for issuing nonimmigrant visas for your home country. This is the first step toward obtaining your visa.