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工商管理学位在各种商业环境中都是一件有价值的商品——无论是公共的还是私人的, 营利或非营利组织, 大或小.

Building on business foundations in accounting, 市场营销, 金融, 经济学, 人力资源, 信息系统, 管理, 和组织行为, 工商管理学位课程通过实际应用而丰富, 全球的角度来看, 指导老师, 和协作的团队.

Whether you want to be a corporate manager, 项目领导, or an innovative entrepreneur, you can get there with a business administration degree from Florida Tech. 在这里,你将发展一个强大的商业背景,并获得现代管理战略和最佳实践的实践经验.


Gain Practical Experience with the Student Business Incubator

在奇趣腾讯10分彩平台的学生创业孵化器中,工商管理专业的学生探索创业作为他们的主要实践经验, breathing center for new venture creation.

的 incubator combines curriculum, 设施, and expertise to fully immerse students in a semester long Lean LaunchPad program. This business-launching “boot camp” pushes students to speak to customers, 供应商, and strategic partners as they gather resources, 发展业务模式, 开始他们的事业. 你将与非常熟练的执行企业家配对,他们会帮助你开发原型, 筹集风险资本, and become a successful entrepreneur.

有创新商业意念的学生,可获邀请加入学生创业孵化器. 本课程提供必要的资源和指导,以培养学生的商业想法成为真正的商业风险. Through critical thinking and innovation, 学生有机会在课堂之外体验商业和工商管理实习.

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You have two graduate study opportunities:

  1. 在校园
  2. 下载毕业生指南!

  3. At an Education Center near you
  4. Get the Education Center Brochure

You have three graduate study opportunities:

  1. 在校园
  2. 下载毕业生指南!

  3. At an Education Center near you
  4. Get the Education Center Brochure

  5. 100%的在线
  6. Learn more about 奇趣腾讯10分彩平台在线

You have two graduate study opportunities:

  1. 在校园
  2. 下载毕业生指南!

  3. 100%的在线
  4. Learn more about 奇趣腾讯10分彩平台在线

You have two graduate study opportunities:

  1. At an Education Center near you
  2. Get the Education Center Brochure

  3. 100%的在线
  4. Learn more about 奇趣腾讯10分彩平台在线

业务经理s now must possess not only a knack for business, but also excellent organizational and communication skills, and up-to-date-knowledge in the field. Students at Florida Tech will:

  • Develop a business plan for a new start-up or small business
  • Integrate academics with business practices through our practicum program
  • Learn about business and 管理 practices from 全球的角度来看
  • Study with a diverse international student body
  • Discuss business issues with successful entrepreneurs and managers

的 program culture supports individual creativity, 领导, 和团队建设, while fostering ethical decision-making and diversity. 该项目有很多机会帮助你毕业后进入一个繁荣的工商管理职业生涯.

Emphasis on Ethics, Leadership, and Corporate Social Responsibility

内森米. 比斯克商学院致力于培养领导者做出深思熟虑的决策, 设定高标准, and promote corporate accountability. 大学生在一年一度的比赛中,从实务及专业的角度,面对道德上的挑战, 还可以参加一个鼓励学生从商业中学习的会议, 社区, 和政府领导人.

学生通过实践课程项目了解企业社会责任, and individual service with the perspective of making an impact.

全球管理项目的学生也通过比赛磨练他们的金融和国际商业技能, 包括:

  • 的 Strategic Management Intercollegiate Case Competition
  • 在凯迪拉克案例大赛中,奇趣腾讯10分彩平台的学生在53所大学中排名第四
  • ANGA Collegiate Energy Challenge
  • Honda CRZ Social Marketing Challenge
  • Florida National Guard Promotion Challenge

除了, 工商管理专业的学生与该大学的女性商业中心合作, the ABTA Institute (Activity-Based Total Accountability), 以及当地的行业领导者,如技术研究开发局和户外清晰通道.

Located in the Heart of Florida’s High-tech Corridor

Florida Tech is the perfect place for an MBA in Business Administration. 占地130英亩的校园位于太空海岸(得名于美国国家航空航天局和肯尼迪航天中心,位于奇趣腾讯分分彩北面的卡纳维拉尔角), minutes away from the Indian River Lagoon, the most diverse estuary in North America.

的 area has the fifth largest high-tech workforce in the country, 超过5个,000多家高科技公司以及政府和军事机构都位于附近. 这些劳动力也提供了大量的实习和就业机会.

奇趣腾讯10分彩平台就在大西洋的堤道上,有72英里长的美丽海滩, and a short trip to the Florida Keys or the 奥兰多 theme parks. 奇趣腾讯分分彩也有丰富的奇趣腾讯10分彩平台,包括各种校内和大学体育活动, 俱乐部, 和社会活动.

Build Lasting Professional Relationships through 校园 Organizations

课堂以外的, 工商管理专业的学生通过令人兴奋的实习和参加管理进步协会等学术组织来积累领导经验, 学生会, and over 100 other student organizations.

Delta Mu Delta是一个商业荣誉协会,旨在表彰学术上的卓越表现, forge connections between business students around the world, 为大学期间的工商管理实习(以及毕业后的职业生涯)创造社交机会.

What MBA 研究 or Other Opportunities Can I Expect?

Peerless Study and Internship Opportunities

没有比成为企业管理领域的一员更好的学习方法了. 奇趣腾讯分分彩的学生有机会在各种公司和组织进行工商管理实习, 包括:

  • 太空海岸信用社
  • 的 Central Intelligence Agency
  • 美林(Merrill Lynch)
  • 国营农场


Take Part in a Comprehensive Business Practicum

奇趣腾讯10分彩平台工商管理专业的学生还会参加一个综合的商业实践课程,让他们对自己选择的企业进行“现场案例分析”. 主要的实地实习通过结合工商管理实习和圆桌讨论,将学术和商业实践在工作场所联系起来, weekly summary reports and presentations. It bridges the gap between classroom studies and the real world, easing the transition from business student to industry professional. Students learn how the organization they choose functions, and gain practical insight into problem-solving and decision-making processes. Some of these businesses include:

  • 诺斯罗普·格鲁曼公司
  • 清晰频道户外
  • 美国国家航空航天局
  • 肯尼迪航天中心

How Will an MBA Benefit My Business Career?

奇趣腾讯10分彩平台工商管理专业的毕业生是各种工商管理职业的理想人选. 这个工商管理专业的毕业生具有坚实的管理学背景, gains relevant skills in the various business disciplines, and builds a portfolio of practical, 实践经验.

With this educational foundation, our graduates are prepared to immediately begin business administration careers or, 如果需要, pursue a graduate career in business, 法律, 或相关专业.

Get Recruited Upon Graduation

已经招募奇趣腾讯10分彩平台学生实习和就业的雇主包括清晰频道通信公司(Clear Channel Communications), 美林(Merrill Lynch), 企业租车, 和诺斯罗普格鲁曼公司.


奇趣腾讯10分彩平台工商管理课程的毕业生为信息系统的职业生涯做准备, 经济学, 金融, 和市场营销. 事实上, 工商管理职业是如此的多样化,他们存在于私营企业, 非营利组织, governmental and regulatory agencies, 和体育组织.

Whether serving as manager for a 501(c)(3) corporation, a business analyst for an environmental services company or, with the acquisition of a 法律 degree, 公司内部法律顾问, business administration careers cover a broad spectrum of employment opportunities. 从2010年到2020年,行政服务经理的就业预计将增长15%.

Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, provides detailed information about hundreds of occupations, 包括, 初级教育, 整体的工作环境, 和就业前景. 根据该局的说法, 预计企业管理行业的就业增长速度将与市场上其他行业的平均增长速度一样快.

Business Administration Careers

Business administration careers include:

  • 代理
  • 业务经理
  • 买方及采购代理
  • 预算分析
  • Market re搜索 analysts 和市场营销 specialist
  • Compensation, benefits, and job analysis specialist
  • Accountant or auditor (with additional education)
  • 经营专家
  • 信贷顾问
  • 金融专家
  • 经济学家
  • 行动研究分析师
  • 后勤人员