Marine Conservation BS

Students interested in the long-term sustainability of populations and ecosystems are ideal candidates for an interdisciplinary marine conservation degree at Florida Tech. This field of study examines how to mitigate the pressures that development and climate change impose on natural systems.

Students build a strong foundation in biology and a well-rounded background in conservation science and ecological principles. 重点是海洋系统, 这个项目的学生学习如何保护生物多样性, and protect rare, threatened, and endangered marine life.

Gain Practical Experience

除了生物和保护, 海洋保护学位课程的学生建立化学知识, physics, 通过本科生的研究活动来学习数学. Florida Tech’s “fast start” approach means that first-year students get involved in research, 与实验室和现场的教师研究团队合作.


奇趣腾讯10分彩平台是获得海洋保护学位最好的地方. Students spend a considerable amount of time learning outdoors in nearby natural laboratories, including mangroves, seagrass beds, creeks of the Indian River Lagoon, 以及美国最大的海龟产卵海滩. 在这里,学生们学习如何保护生物多样性和珍稀物种, threatened, and endangered plants and animals. At Florida Tech, marine conservation is not just something students study—it’s something they get out into the field and experience through hands-on research activities.


Students earning a degree in marine conservation benefit from the department’s small class size and personalized faculty mentorship, 一些大型大学无法提供的东西. 与一名指导老师一起工作,指导他们完成整个四年的课程, 学生为学习建立了牢固的工作关系, research, and internship opportunities. 教授们对研究充满热情, 让学生从一年级开始就参加多学科课程.

Florida Tech’s biology department faculty prepare students for a career by involving them in hands-on research. 这包括气候变化的影响等项目, restoring lagoon health, effects of overfishing, toxic algae, and others. Undergraduate students seeking to major in marine conservation often publish research results in scientific journal publications, 并与其他保护和生态大学进行研究交流.


奇趣腾讯10分彩平台的课程强调实验设计和研究, 使课程富有挑战性和趣味性. Cutting-edge facilities and laboratories give students experience using the tools they’ll likely have on the job. The 70,000-square-foot F.W. 奥林物理科学中心拥有9个教学实验室, 19 high-tech research labs, a greenhouse, small mammal facilities, growth chambers, unmanned aerial vehicles, 和最先进的仪器:

  • 核磁共振(NMR)光谱仪
  • photomicroscopes
  • 光化学及计算化学设备
  • a scanning electron microscope
  • high-speed video cameras
  • centrifuges
  • genome sequencers


奇趣腾讯10分彩平台是攻读海洋保护学士学位的最佳地点. The 130-acre campus is located on the Space Coast (so named because of the presence of NASA and the Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral just north of us), 离印第安河泻湖只有几分钟路程, 北美最多样化的河口.

该地区拥有全国第五大高科技劳动力, with more than 5,000多家高科技公司以及政府和军事机构都位于附近. 这些劳动力也提供了大量的实习和就业机会.

Florida Tech is just over the causeway from the Atlantic Ocean with its 72 miles of beautiful beaches, 去佛罗里达群岛或奥兰多主题公园短途旅行. We also have a rich campus life that includes a wide range of intramural and collegiate sports, clubs, and social activities.


Students build leadership and professional experience through internships (see below) and participation in academic organizations like Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta, 全国生物荣誉学会), which recognizes students for outstanding academic achievements and teaches students from all disciplines about biology and its importance. The department of biological sciences also has an excellent track record of undergraduate publications. Students can also participate in student government as well as over 100 other campus-wide student organizations.


Florida Tech’s biological sciences department is an active community of scholars and students collaborating in hands-on field and lab work for robust academic experiences.


海洋世界,国家公园管理局,圣. 约翰水管理区,美国动物园 & Aquarium Association and others have given Florida Tech students marine conservation internships and jobs.

Students take part in marine conservation internships and faculty-led research experiences on such topics as:

  • 过度捕捞对鲨鱼生殖生物学的影响
  • 气候变化如何影响珊瑚的生长和健康
  • 有毒藻类对海洋动物的影响
  • 如何最好地恢复印第安河泻湖
  • 变暖的海水如何将新的掠食者带入南极洲

From the sea turtle conservation program at nearby Brevard Zoo to nearly every aquarium on the eastern seaboard, there are exciting interactive marine conservation internships for Florida Tech’s biology students.


Faculty research teams are involved in the investigation of heat stress and disease in coral reefs and the history of El Niño events on sea bird populations. Undergraduates are studying how invasive exotic species such as lionfish respond to climate change and the affect it will have on native species.

除了海洋保护实习和研究, summer courses offer students the chance to do intensive field studies in places like the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Galàpagos, Kenya, and the Amazon Basin.


Graduates of the marine conservation program at Florida Tech are well prepared to begin their career in conservation biology. 海洋保育理学士学位为毕业生进行与海洋有关的研究做准备, 并保护海洋生态系统. Marine conservation careers also involve preserving vulnerable species of marine life.

Get Recruited Upon Graduation

Graduates of the marine conservation program are well prepared to begin employment in any number of industries from environmental protection, wildlife management or research. 奇趣腾讯10分彩平台海洋保护专业毕业生的雇主包括:

  • 美国自然科学博物馆
  • The Baltimore Aquarium
  • 佛罗里达医学昆虫学实验室
  • Sea World
  • 美国环境保护署
  • National Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Johns Water Management District
  • NASA
  • National Science Foundation

Career Outlook

毕业生在商业企业和政府机构工作, 经常进行与保护有关的科学研究和分析. Biological science graduates are also working at research-based non-governmental organizations, zoos, and aquariums, state and federal agencies, schools, museums, and other educational nonprofits, 应对城市发展的压力, fishing, 气候变化对自然资源也有影响. 从事海洋保护工作的个人与土地所有者和联邦政府一起工作, state, and local governments to devise ways to use and improve the land while safeguarding the environment.

According to NOAA, the employment outlook in the field is very competitive with the study of fish and marine mammal population dynamics being in the most demand.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook, 由美国劳工部劳工标准局(BLS)发布。, 提供有关特定工作的信息,包括年薪中位数, working conditions, and job outlook, among other things. 而劳工局并没有单独列出海洋保护职业, 他们确实提到了生物和野生动物科学家的就业增长. Most jobs are related to the threats to wildlife and natural resources from human population growth, climate change, invasive species, and pollution.

Jobs for environmental science and protection technicians is on the rise due to public interest in hazards such as fracking facing the environment. Employment of conservation scientists and foresters is expected to increase by 7% through 2024. The greatest growth for conservation scientists and foresters is expected to be in federally owned forestlands. In recent years, preventing wildfires has become a top concern for government agencies.

Other Career Options


  • Director of conservation
  • 海洋生境修复专家
  • Naturalist
  • Marine research biologist
  • Habitat biologist
  • Marine fisheries biologist
  • Zoologist and wildlife biologist
  • 海洋教育总监(动物园或水族馆)
  • Natural resources biologist
  • 动物保育馆馆长

Graduate and Doctoral Programs

获得海洋保育学位后, many students often go on to master’s and doctoral programs for advanced degrees in biology, ecology, 以及奇趣腾讯10分彩平台的海洋保护, or from other institutions. 学生最常在下列学校继续学习:

  • Biochemistry
  • Biological Science—Ecology
  • Biological Science—Marine Biology
  • Conservation Technology
  • Environmental Resource Management
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Interdisciplinary Science