Master of Public Administration, MPA

Master of Public Administration, MPA

The Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Masters in Public Administrations

Public organizations at the local, state, and federal level need skilled, savvy leaders who make decisions and outline long-term strategies for success. Florida Tech’s master of public administration degree is a flexible program that helps goal-oriented students—who may already be established professionals—attain leadership positions in governmental or nonprofit career paths. Individuals develop the skills and techniques they need to design, implement, manage, and evaluate the policies, programs, and services provided by public agencies.

Teamwork, decision-making, communication, leadership, ethics, and diversity are at the core of the master of the public administration degree. Students also study ethical and sociological behavior in public organizations. Graduates most often find careers in public relations, politics, urban planning, consulting, foreign service, and public management.

Membership in the American Society for Public Administration

With admission to the master of public administration program, students can become a member of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), the largest and most well-respected professional organization for public administration. Through the ASPA, students have access to public administration research, case studies, and professional expertise.

Experienced, Dedicated Faculty

The professors at Florida Tech are experts in their field with a wealth of experience working in public administration positions for federal, state, and local government agencies. Bringing a lifetime of experience to the classroom, our professors provide students with insight that can be applied in the public sector.

One-on-One Mentoring

Florida Tech’s small class size in the master of public administration program allows students to not only receive specialized attention from professors, but the chance to build a peer network of fellow public administration professionals. Since many students are already building their careers, insight from colleagues who are also working in the field is an integral component of the public administration program.

Academic Environment

The academic environment for a master of public administration degree is challenging. Students complete advanced coursework in pertinent business topics as well as a capstone research project that provides hands-on experience in addressing complex public administration issues. Students get the opportunity to published their research in relevant magazines, publications, or journals in public administration, and to undertake specialized internships.


Graduates from Florida Tech have the knowledge and skills needed to choose from a variety of career paths, including careers as policy analysts, consultants, politicians, consultants, foreign service officers, public managers, grant writers, transportation managers, and more. Florida Tech graduates have worked for local, state, and federal government organizations, including the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Small Business Administration, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Public Administration career paths include such jobs as public relations, politics, urban planning, consulting, foreign service, public management, operations managers, revenue and taxation, and more.