STEM教育硕士“干细胞”教育科学, technology, engineering, and mathematics—addresses education policy and curriculum choices in schools from K-12 through college to improve competitiveness in technology development. These subjects have often been taught in isolation; in STEM education, 它们被作为综合课程来教授.

The Master of Science in STEM Education is designed for those who seek to further their knowledge of the subject matter, 教育理论, research, 在以下四种专业中进行练习:

  • 科学教育,
  • 数学教育,
  • 教育技术,或
  • 小学科学教育.

Most graduates of these specializations have gone on to teach in K-16 institutions, 通常在STEM领域, 在美国和其他国家.


This MS program is open to students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in a STEM or related education field. 有一些教学经验是有帮助的,但不是必要的. In addition:

  • This Master’s degree is designed to build upon prior knowledge and experience, 既拓宽又深化.
  • This program assumes that students are motivated by and focused on their professional development and career path.
  • All Education courses in this program engage students in projects that allow them to explore interests, 也要求他们扩大, integrate, 应用他们的课程材料.

STEM教育硕士是一个30学分的学位项目. 通常至少需要1次.5 years to complete all degree requirements, including a final program examination (i.e.,论文答辩或综合口试). 然而,工作的学生.g., teach) and take classes on a part-time basis often require additional time to complete their degree requirements.


From a practical perspective, there are four options available to students in each specialization:

  • 论文研究选项;
  • 非论文研究选项;
  • a case study/project option; and
  • 专业选择,只包括课程(i.e.,没有研究或项目).

Students who have selected each of these options have entered PhD degree programs either here at Florida Tech or at other universities in the US as well as in other countries.


STEM教育对劳动力发展有影响, 国家安全方面的担忧, and immigration policy because of the perceived lack of qualified candidates for high-tech jobs. Enabling US citizens to be well versed in the STEM fields is a key portion of the country’s public education agenda. By cultivating an interest in the natural and social sciences in preschool or immediately following school entry, 在高中的STEM成功的机会就会大大提高.

Many organizations in the US follow the guidelines of the National Science Foundation (NSF), which uses a broader definition of STEM subjects that includes subjects in the fields of chemistry, 计算机与信息技术科学, engineering, geosciences, 生命科学, 数学科学, 物理学和天文学, 社会科学(人类学, economics, psychology, and sociology), 以及STEM教育和学习研究.



普通的大学无法超越奇趣腾讯10分彩平台的地理位置. The 130-acre campus is located on the Space Coast (so named because of the presence of NASA and the Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral just north of us). 该地区拥有全国第五大高科技劳动力, 超过5个,000 high-tech corporations and government and military organizations located nearby, 提供各种实习和就业机会. It is also near other STEM-rich resources such as the Indian River Lagoon and the Atlantic coast, 以及强大的公立学校体系和地区私立学校.


  • it has a lengthy tradition of strong academic programs in the sciences, mathematics, engineering, 和计算机科学;
  • the specializations in this program been offered for more than 30 years, 并且在当地很有名, state, national, and international levels; and
  • students are encouraged to enhance their knowledge and skills in both content and education.


This master of science program in STEM Education develops and enhances knowledge of subject matter and 教育理论, research, and practice in one of four areas of STEM education (science education, 数学教育, 教育技术, 小学科学教育). The program includes graduate coursework in STEM content, education, and research. 教育课程将补充之前的教育经验.

这个课程可以是全日制的,也可以是兼职的. Graduate courses in education are offered in the evening to allow teachers and other working professionals to complete degree requirements.

除此之外,还有教育统计学的基础课程, 教育研究, 教育理论和趋势, 这四个专业有不同的教育重点. 科学教育, for example, offers classes in the content and methods in science education for both lower-level and upper-level elementary grades, 科学教育的最新主题, methodologies in ecology and environmental science and issue investigation, while Educational Technology has courses in methods and management of middle and secondary school teaching, 计算机在教育中的使用, 教育软件评估与设计, 以及当前计算机教育的主题.



在这个MS项目中, 学生们承担了各种各样的研究项目, 通常是在学位课程快结束的时候. 项目包括:

  • 审查教育材料和资源,
  • 课程开发,
  • 开发和试用教材,
  • 需求评估和项目评估研究,
  • development and piloting of instruments/procedures for participant assessment,
  • 研究涉及调查和
  • 研究或理论文献综述.

Many have done this for a specific program, both within our region and far beyond it.

Students in this program have participated in and presented their work at state conferences (e.g., the Florida Association of Science Teachers and the Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics) and national/international conferences (e.g., 国家科学教师协会, 全国科学教学研究协会, 全国数学教师委员会, 以及未来教育技术会议. 许多人已经发表了他们的作品.


Career Outlook

The Department of Labor identified 14 sectors that are “projected to add substantial numbers of new jobs to the economy or affect the growth of other industries or are being transformed by technology and innovation requiring new sets of skills for workers”:

  • 先进的制造业,
  • automotive,
  • construction,
  • 金融服务、
  • 地理空间技术,
  • 国土安全,
  • 信息技术、
  • transportation,
  • aerospace,
  • biotechnology,
  • energy,
  • healthcare,
  • hospitality
  • retail

Most graduates of our program’s four specializations have gone on to teach in K-16 institutions, 通常在STEM领域, 在美国和其他国家. Those with sufficient ability and experience have served as department heads and district curriculum specialists.


Students graduating from this MS program can—and do—pursue PhD degrees. Many MS graduates have pursued doctoral study in our PhD in STEM Education. In addition, Master’s graduates who have a strong background in their content field because of their Bachelor’s degree and graduate coursework have been admitted into PhD programs in their field (e.g.、科学、数学或计算机科学). Although it is advisable for Master’s students seeking to pursue a PhD to complete a research experience, all four of the options noted above have allowed students to pursue PhD study.