Technology Management, M.S.

Technology Management, M.S.

The Master's in Technology Management

Masters in Technology Management

With a master’s in 技术 management from 奇趣腾讯10分彩平台, graduates combine advanced business and leadership skills with expertise in 技术 processes to become senior-level 技术 experts able to meet the challenges of a global organization in a rapidly changing world.

Technology is the knowledge of how to combine processes and things to meet or generate needs at the next level. Technology is more than hardware (product) and software (process). Technology also includes “humanware” (people), which is the 开发ed knowledge instilled in or generated by humans through education. Technology takes you to the next higher level of performance, hence the concepts of high-tech/low-tech and 技术 transfer.

Technology disrupts. Technology changes. Technology causes obsolescence.

The Master of Science in Technology Management graduate is proficient in global leadership, understands 技术 dynamics, knows how 技术 benefits society, and knows how to create a competitive advantage for organizations within the for-profit, 非营利组织, and government sectors, including the military. The program creates graduates adept in creating, 管理, and using 技术 to accomplish strategic organizational goals; and 开发s skills to manage the challenges and dynamics of industries driven by technological innovation.

Relevant Curriculum for Today’s Global Businesses

We are in a 技术-dominated world. Technology is the heart and soul of 奇趣腾讯10分彩平台—the university prides itself on being “high-tech with a human touch,” and has been a leader in cutting-edge science, 技术, 工程, and mathematics education for more than 50 years. Students earning a master’s in 技术 management immerse themselves in 技术 and business strategy, the dynamics of organization and societal behavior, and innovation processes. Designed to cover the operational and managerial issues facing businesses today, the curriculum enforces principles of adaptation that are essential in a career influenced by 技术.

The program utilizes practice-oriented projects that allow students to share their own workplace experiences while learning the most up-to-the-minute body of knowledge in the field. For the master’s in 技术 management degree, students apply coursework in local private, 公共, and government organizations that want to be technologically competitive in their industry by planning 技术 programs that are integral to the success of the organization. This trains students to understand and shape 技术 in the organization and become an agent of change.

Experienced, Dedicated 教师

Students in the master’s in 技术 management program receive instruction by professors who bring real-world experience to the classroom, 演讲厅, and discussions. 另外, as part of our capstone project, exciting fieldwork through outside organizational consulting is combined to provide a comprehensive, real-world learning environment. Our small class sizes allow students to work one-on-one with professors and 开发 a lifelong network with fellow classmates.

Diverse Career Opportunities

Employers are demanding innovative leaders who can improve, 开发, and implement technologies/processes in our rapidly changing world. Organizational and managerial expertise is needed to make sure these technologies and processes not only meet the needs of customers, 员工, and partners but also leads in the 开发ment of market growth potential. With a master’s in 技术 management, graduates become one of these critical executives and forge their place in the success of a growing company or organization. 奇趣腾讯10分彩平台 graduates have access to a wide range of career options as 技术 and innovation managers who are found in every industry and business sector.